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Step By Step Rollover Instructions

Your Rollover: Step-by-Step

You’ve finally realized that you are smarter to roll your 401(k) rather than just leave it, but where do you get started? Assuming that you have made the decision on what type of account to put your 401(k) into, you are ready to start transferring the money to the new account. Don’t let the process intimidate you. Sure, there may be some complicated looking forms to fill out and it might mean that you’re dealing with your life savings, but it isn’t hard if you know the steps involved.

401k Fee Disclosure Legislation

US Department of Labor enacts new regulations on Fees

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) is implementing two new regulations regarding fees and fee transparency for retirement plans this year. Each regulation has a simple and important objective.

Why do you think the DOL enacted these new regulations regarding 401k Fees?

The purpose of the first regulation is to create a clear and consistent process to ensure that plan sponsors know and understand the fees being assessed to manage their company-provided retirement plans [408(b)(2)].



Three part series on "The Truth Behind Hidden 401k Fees"

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